DKJV – The German–Croatian Jurist Association

We are an association of Croatian and German jurist with the aim of promoting understanding between jurists from both countries.

The German-Croatian Jurist Association (DKJV) was founded in 1996 and counts as its members lawyers, scientists, administrative and judicial officials, students and trainee lawyers from both countries. The cornerstone of our activities is to support our members in their transnational professional and scientific activities.

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27. September 2019

Symposium Zagreb 2019

Symposium of the German-Croatian Jurist Association in Zagreb on 27 September 2019

The symposium was held on 27 September 2019 on the premises of the Croatian law firm BRADVICA MARIĆ WAHL CESAREC d.o.o.

This year, we are pleased to announce that we have been able to attract two important entrepreneurs as speakers at our symposium. Marc Puškarić – fully qualified lawyer and longstanding member of the DKJV – spoke to us as the new CEO of RTL Croatia. In a refreshing lecture he presented us the development of RTL Croatia and also the media landscape in Croatia. Afterwards, Dr. Thomas Sichla spoke about one of the largest mergers in Europe, the merger between the energy group E.on and the RWE subsidiary Innogy. Three lawyers from Germany brought their colleagues up to date on purely legal issues in a cross-border context. Monika Hermann presented European electoral law and took a close look at the current legal situation. Attorney Ivica Dalić gave a lecture on the new EU directive on pre-insolvency restructuring proceedings. Furthermore, attorney/notary Dana Peić-Thiel explained comprehensively the EU property law regulation and the concrete effects on German-Croatian and other binational marriages.

Traditionally, the participants of the symposium met afterwards for a joint dinner in a Zagreb restaurant.