Symposium Zagreb 2014

Symposium Zagreb 2014 > DKJV

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear friends of the German-Croatian Jurist Association

Symposium of the German-Croatian Jurist Association

held on 26 September 2014 in the residence of the German ambassador in Zagreb, Croatia.

This year the German-Croatian Jurist Association (DKJV) celebrated a small anniversary. A symposium is held for the fifth time in cooperation with the German embassy, in the residence of the German ambassador in Zagreb.

DKJV was founded in 1996. Its members are lawyers, scientists, administrative and judicial officials, students and legal trainees from Germany and Croatia. The purpose of the DKJV’s activity is the advancement of understanding between the jurists of both countries. It is Croatia’s accession to the EU and manifold references in the national law to the European law which opened new perspectives for the work of the DKJV.

This year too, the symposium was attended by lawyers, judges, students and other interested persons from Germany and Croatia. The symposium was opened by the German ambassador, Mr Hans Peter Annen, who warmly welcomed the guests in his residence and underlined the importance of the exchange of jurists from both countries. The tax consultant and auditor, Mr Pavo Djedović, from the tax consultant office Leitner Leitner from Zagreb delivered an impressive exposition of the experiences of his German client on entering the Croatian market.  Following his exposition, the president of the Croatian High Commercial Court, Prof. Mario Vukelić presented the changed organization of the Croatian commercial courts and also gave an insight to German lawyers into the conduct of the proceedings before the Croatian courts. The lawyer, Ms Vlatka Cikač gave a case law overview of legal problems of foreigners in real estate transactions in Croatia. Finally, in the last presentation, the law student, Ms Ana Kutleša talked about the so called Gotovina case before the International Criminal Tribunal for Ex-Yugoslavia and gave an illustrative presentation of the legal problems of the proceeding.

Each presentation was followed by a lively discussion. The event ended with a nice dinner in a Zagreb restaurant. The participants and organizers agreed that the tradition should be continued and that also the next year a symposium will be organised together with the German Embassy in Zagreb.

And last but not least a few impressions of the day…